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Oak Houses & Extensions

Handcrafted Oak Framed Houses & Extensions

Oak trussesHandcrafted Oak Framed Houses & Extensions

An Oak framed building is something special, there is something quite romantic about walking into a room with the sun glistening through the glass and the smell of oak drifting through the air.

Whether you are looking for a complete new build or an extension to an existing property our buildings are one of a kind. Crafted in the right way using only the most traditional of techniques you’ll find our buildings can take you back in time; bringing back a classical elegance that has been lost in recent times due to the use of large scale machinery.

Over the years the ‘oak frame’ has evolved; once viewed as a more traditional medieval building method, designers have started to incorporate this beautiful timber into contemporary new designs.

Oak is now more fashionable than ever whether you are looking for more of a traditional medieval look to your property or a more contemporary modern design we can guide you through the process from conception to completion. All of our buildings are designed with a full 3D CAD drawing and we can supply any relevant frame drawings for your architect or yourself.

All of our buildings are finished with that handcrafted detail which is why we carve all beams with roman numerals to give that sense of time and history to the building, you can read our buildings from I to XI. Our constant strives for perfection and elegant detail is what has built us such an esteemed reputation when it comes to the quality and integrity of our oak buildings.


Oak framed Building as part of a house extension in Norfolk.

Building Types:

  • Complete new build houses
  • Extensions to existing properties
  • Garden rooms
  • Orangeries
  • Garages
  • Pergola
  • Porches
  • Restoration pieces


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Garden Rooms & Orangeries

Garden Rooms & Orangeries

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